Why do so Many People Believe in the Rapture? | Dr. Stan Murrell

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3 Responses to Why do so Many People Believe in the Rapture? | Dr. Stan Murrell

  1. zerodtkjoe says:

    Thanks for the info

  2. Stacey says:

    It is hard to find others who believe like I do so I just try to plant seeds. Thank you for your gentle truth about the rapture theory.

  3. jim morris says:

    Thank you so much…God brought me here to this website…for many years I have went to churches of all denominations searching for someone that believed as I did…I had tried to force myself to believe in the rapture as the people of the churches I attended did…but each time something inside me would not allow it..I could not find any peace…so finally I had drifted away..until tonight , I saw your teachings on what I have found to be true ..studying the word of God…I feel like I have come home..thank you,Dr.Murrell..my spirit thanks you..I pray you get this message..for as Isaiah 55;10 says.. his word came to me from you…Bless you..as God has Blessed me tonight..jim morris

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