4 thoughts on “Why do so Many People Believe in the Rapture? | Dr. Stan Murrell”

  1. It is hard to find others who believe like I do so I just try to plant seeds. Thank you for your gentle truth about the rapture theory.

  2. Thank you so much…God brought me here to this website…for many years I have went to churches of all denominations searching for someone that believed as I did…I had tried to force myself to believe in the rapture as the people of the churches I attended did…but each time something inside me would not allow it..I could not find any peace…so finally I had drifted away..until tonight , I saw your teachings on what I have found to be true ..studying the word of God…I feel like I have come home..thank you,Dr.Murrell..my spirit thanks you..I pray you get this message..for as Isaiah 55;10 says.. his word came to me from you…Bless you..as God has Blessed me tonight..jim morris

  3. Thanks, Your gift of teaching is strong and clear. Clarity is what is needed in the church, the body of Christ. I just happen upon your website doing a NKJV study and was impressed with the detailed work. Then I watched your video presentation about the rapture, once again a clear presentation. I went to a dispensational school but have not held to this teaching as of late, seeing that it is not taught in scripture, you have reenforced that through your clear teaching. I will now search out your site, to glean more from your clarity. Thanks Tom

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